Oyster Symposium 7

The 7th International Oyster Symposium will take place in Bangor, United Kingdom, from 11th to 14th September 2017.

The theme of the conference is:

Sustainable expansion of global oyster production.

The Symposium aims to support this theme by inviting presentations on; developing new markets and products, innovation, reducing risk from disease and climate change, improving shellfish hygiene, environmental sustainability, ecosystem services and restoration.

IOS7 invites abstracts in these and related areas, in support of the global oyster community.

Special event – A celebration of the cooked oyster.

In many parts of the world the tradition is to enjoy oysters raw. Whilst this is of course delicious it is not for everyone, so as part of this conference we will have a special culinary event in which delegates can enjoy a range of cooked oysters with a view to encouraging the development of new oyster products for sale into an expanded market.

The conference will also publish a book of recipes, recognising both the diversity of cultures represented by the members of the World Oyster Society and the common themes in our shared history of oyster production. To this end all participants will be invited to submit a recipe for the book, together with photographs of oyster production in your area (historic photographs especially welcome) and a short explanatory text.